Saturday's loss to Oklahoma State pretty much sums up Steve Sarkisian’s tenure as Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns football team so far. Get out to a lead and then blow it. 

Not that I completely blame Coach Sark. Freshman quarterback Quinn Ewers didn’t look anything like the hot shot he had been in the previous games. I’m convinced something is wrong because he was missing easy throws all day long. 

And then there were the penalties. The Longhorns were penalized 14 times during the game. That’s more penalties than the last two games combined. Overall, the team just seemed out of sync. And that, of course, is on the coaching staff.

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As frustrated as we fans are, the coaches and players were visibly just as frustrated by the outcome of the game. So much so, that most of the players and coaches, including Sarkisian, left the field without singing the school song, “The Eyes of Texas.” 

Were they trying to make some kind of statement by leaving the field without singing the song? Not according to Sark: 

I made a mistake at the end of the game in not singing 'The Eyes of Texas' when the game was done. That was not anything intentional. That was not anything that had to do with our players. I think our players just followed me up the ramp into the locker room, obviously upset by the way the game ended.

Apology accepted. 

For the record, I’m a fan of Coach Sarkisian. Obviously, as a Texas fan, I want him to succeed. But this disturbing trend of blowing leads and losing games on the road (5 in a row) has to stop. Otherwise, his tenure may be one of the shortest in the program’s history.

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