One of the few places making money right now in the movie industry are drive-ins. Sadly, we lost one last night here in Texas.

I'm always shocked to hear that some people have never been to a drive-in movie theater. It's my favorite way to watch a movie. Something about sitting under the stars on a nice night with a giant screen is so relaxing to me. The two closest ones to us in Wichita Falls are the Graham Drive-In and Chief Drive-In. It's definitely worth the trip to go check one of them out.

Unfortunately, one here in Texas is no longer with us. The Blue Starlite Drive-In, in Round Rock Texas burned down last night. This is actually a brand new drive-in that only opened ten years ago and has two other locations. One in Austin and another in Colorado. The Round Rock fire happened sometime around 1 am, after they had closed down.

The owner thinks it is suspicious since they had been closed for around 2 hours when the fire apparently started. What burned down was a car and trailer that housed all of the equipment for the movie theater. The owner estimates around $25,000 worth of equipment was destroyed.

They said, "We will be closed for the next 3-7 days as we figure out how we can reopen with our back up equipment, find out what we need to purchase to reopen (and if we are able to) and what safety precautions we can take to protect our equipment and assure we have security in place."

The owner has setup a Go Fund Me page if anyone would like to donate some money to the drive-in. Hopefully they can find a way to reopen. More drive-ins is always a good thing and I never want to see another one close down.

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