Shout out to these awesome Good Samaritans right here in Texas.

Prom season is upon us and it's something a lot of teens look forward to. You never want anything to go wrong on prom night. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to some teens from Ben Bolt, Texas. They were definitely getting their money's worth out of the limo they rented.

Ben Bolt isn't the biggest town, so they decided to have their limo drive them an hour away for dinner before the prom to Corpus Cristi. Get some photos on the waterfront, get a good dinner, then drive to Alice, Texas for the prom. On the way to Corpus Cristi, the radio stopped working in the limo and then a few minutes later the entire limo died.

The kids called their parents, but only two parents were able to come out. The two didn't have enough room to carry a full limo of teens. That was when Christina and Jacob Park drove by and saw a bunch of kids in dresses and tuxedos. The couple just so happened to be celebrating their anniversary and were looking for a place to eat dinner.

So they drove the teens to Corpus Cristi and ate dinner at the same restaurant they had reservations for. The Parks bought dessert for them and even got them a NEW LIMO to get them to their prom. The teens bought the Parks their anniversary dinner for their kind gesture. They were able to get to their prom with just an hour remaining, but they said it's a night they will never forget.


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