Don't set that jersey on fire, get your car washed with it.

With everything going on in the world, the blockbuster trade that Houston did earlier this week would have been bigger news. Coronavirus, election, Capitol takeover, a big NBA trade barely made an impact on the news cycle. However, we have a new super team in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets now have Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Any one of those guys, you could build your team around.

Let's just say Houston Rockets fans are a little mad about Harden going to the Nets. Over in Houston at I Car Wash, I guess it's like I Robot? They have turned a negative into a positive. You bring your James Harden gear down to them, they will hook you up with a free car wash. Jerseys, shirts, towels. It's all welcome here.

The owner has jokingly said he would burn all the Harden merch, but now he will be donating the gear to charity. How long does the car wash special go on for? The owner said, until he feels better. So I am going to assume that would be when the Rockets land another superstar like Harden. You have John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, get hyped.

So if you're traveling to Houston anytime soon and you have some Harden gear. Stop on by I Car Wash at 1005 Cypress Creek Parkway in Houston.

I can't remember a player leaving my team where I wanted to burn or destroy their jersey. Maybe if I owned a Steve Ott Dallas Stars jersey I would have, but I never would have been dumb enough to buy a Steve Ott jersey in my life.

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