The Super Bowl is this weekend, and the Los Angeles Rams are taking on the Cincinnati Bengals.  Fans all over the country are placing their bets on which team they believe is going to win the big game on Sunday.    Some people are making small bets, while others are making much larger ones.  However, one Texas business owner is taking it to the next level.

Jim McIngvale, better known by his nickname “Mattress Mack”, owns Gallery Furniture in Houston, and is both well known, and loved by the local community.  In 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit, he made national headlines, when he opened up his furniture store as a shelter.

He is also known for his outlandish promotions. In 2019 he ran a promotion, to refund any mattress purchase worth more than $3,000 if the Astros won the World Series.  Unfortunately for Mack, the Washington Nationals won the World Series that year, beating the Astros on game seven of the series.

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Mack is no rookie to sports betting though.  He’s made other huge bets before worth thousands of dollars. However, last week he made his largest wager ever.  On Thursday, he drove across the border to Louisiana, and placed 20 different bets, using the Casers Sportsbook app on his smart phone.  His wagers favor the Bengals to beat the Rams on Sunday.  Each bet is worth around $200,000 each.  In total, Mack bet a total of around $4.5 million dollars on the Bengals to win the game.

If the Rams win the big game on Sunday, Mack will have lost a total of $4.5 million dollars.  I placing my bet on Mack hoping that Cincinnati wins the championship ring.

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