Here's fun fact I learned about Aggieland today and the strange story behind it.

Do You Even Know About the Texas A&M Cadets?

Before people start bitching about this story, please note I do not care about college football in the slightest. However, can we all agree Texas A&M has some weird traditions? The midnight yell is at the top of the list. Seen below if you don't know what I am talking about.

However, today I want to focus on another group on the sidelines of Texas A&M games. That would be the cadets, know as 'The Keepers of the Spirit' of Texas A&M University. "The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets is the largest, oldest and most visible student organization and leadership training program at Texas A&M University."

Do You Know About Cadet Greg Hood?

Back in 1981, things changed for the cadets at Texas A&M University after cadet Greg Hood's actions. Looks like SMU and Texas A&M were battling it out in College Station at Kyle Field. SMU scored a touchdown and some of the cheer leading squad from SMU celebrated the touchdown on Kyle Field.

Greg Hood essentially said, "NOT IN MY HOUSE". Took out his saber that was a part of his cadet uniform and began intimidating the cheerleaders off of Kyle Field. The incident lead to hearing and changes were made to the Texas A&M cadets after the incident.

Watch the Saber Intimidation Below

After a hearing Greg Hood was suspended from the cadets for the remainder of the 1981 calendar year. He was apparently permitted to resubmit in the spring, but cannot find anything online on if I decided to rejoin the cadets. Apparently in 2005, he was gifted a Bronze Saber, but this is from a Texas A&M fansite. Cannot find anything else to back up these claims.

Nowadays the sabers the cadets carry are ziptied during games to prevent an incident like this happening ever again. So shout out to Greg Hood, he protected his house. Maybe not in the smartest way, but those cheerleaders probably thought twice about going back onto Kyle Field.

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