It was 38 years ago that one of the most destructive storms in United States history swept through our listening area. The storm that produced an EF-4 tornado a mile wide would ultimately leave over fifty people dead, displace one fifth of Wichita Falls' population, and change the landscape of our city forever. The event would put Wichita Falls in the national news and history books, while almost taking it off of the map.

Following Texoma weather has been both the day job and passion of KAUZ Forecaster John Cameron for almost 15 years. Back in 2012, John took a few moments to speak with us about the significance of the '79 Terrible Tuesday outbreak in national weather history, as well as some lessons we can learn from the weather event.

Hear John Cameron talk about the significance of the '79 Terrible Tuesday outbreak in National Weather History:

John and I discuss the lessons we can learn from Terrible Tuesday:

Check out this gallery featuring some incredible photos of the tornado and its aftermath:

Here is a diagram illustrating the tornado damage path:

1970 Wichita Falls Tornado Track
National Weather Service

Finally a dated, but great video produced about the event:

For more information, you can visit the Nation Weather Service website dedicated to the event.

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