Why any man would pass up a chance to have sex is beyond my comprehension, but if for some odd reason you don't feel like doing the nasty tonight, here are the top excuses men use to get out of sex.

The survey was conducted by Durex condoms and determined the top ten excuses that men use.

Now the actual goal of the survey was to find out how many men would pass up sex to watch a soccer game this summer, and the number came in at a staggering forty percent.

Come on guys, is soccer that exciting?

10. I have an early morning.

9. I don't feel good.

8. Can we do it later?

7. I'm too drunk.

6. I have too much work to do.

5. I've been working late.

4. I've got a headache.

3. I'm too tired.

2. I've got a bad back.

1. I want to watch sports.