My twin brother from a different mother Ted Nugent returns to the road in 2011 the "I Still Believe" tour. Get ready to celebrate the spirit of all things wild & prepare for Full Bluntal Nugity! There's nothing quite like seeing Uncle Ted live in action it's an experience you won't want to miss. Plus Derek St. Holmes the original front man of the Ted Nugent band will once again be joining Ted for a full blown family reunion campfire sing-a-long of epic proportions! We have a few tour dates near us including:

(07-15-11) Firelake Grand Casino in Shawnee, Ok.
(07-16-11) Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Ok.
(08-27-11) Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth , Tx.

Looking forward to seeing the Motorcity Madman back on the road and hopefully we'll have the opportunity to once again speak with Ted sometime soon. Of course we'll have your shot at scoring tickets to see Ted Nugent live in concert & maybe even backstage passes to meet the Nuge live in person, face to face in the DANGER-ZONE! As much as I enjoy if not adore Uncle Ted for his music, it's his outspoken never ending support for our 2nd Amendment & hunting rights that makes him someone I love, admire and absolutely respect. Love him or hate him, agree or disagree with his views one thing that's for certain you never have to guess what he's thinking or where he stands on the issues. There's no riding the fence, there's no compromise, there's no B#LL$H!T...There's just Ted!

It's no secret that yours truly is a gun lovin' card carryin' member of the N.R.A. as a matter of fact I just recently became a "Life Member" of the National Rifle Association something I'm quite proud of. Recently footage of Mr. Nugent's speech at this year's N.R.A. National Meeting & Exhibits was posted on Youtube if like myself you were unable to make the trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. here's what you missed:

My N.R.A. Blood Brother Ted Nugent one of the many featured speakers at the 2011 N.R.A. "Annual National Meeting & Exhibits" in Pittsburgh, Pa. A record 71,139 members were in attendance, unfortunately I wasn't among them. Maybe next year in St. Louis, Mo. for the 141st annual if not there's always Houston, Tx. in 2013 for the 142nd annual. Speaking of the N.R.A. if you're not a member what the hell are you waiting for? Join the National Rifle Association today! TED NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT!