While schmoozing voters in Iowa, Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz took a shot at the Texas Longhorns, likening them to a girls junior high team.

While speaking to potential voters in Sioux City, Cruz tried to butter up the crowd by saying people in Iowa take their politics as seriously as Texas takes its football.  However, Iowa State spanked Texas on Halloween night, 24-0.  Someone in the crowd, referencing the shut out, yelled, "Not now!".  Cruz tried to cover his tracks, throwing the Longhorns under the bus,

I was with (Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa), physically, not too far away when y'all whipped the Longhorns, and I didn't even have anything to defend myself.  I think they canceled their football program and brought in a girls junior high team instead.

In response to the shot, the Texas Longhorns on 247 Sports Facebook page said,

At least the Texas Longhorns aren't running a "junior high" presidential campaign Ted Cruz.