I hope spiders don’t freak you out. If that’s the case, you may want to pass on this article.

I’ll admit it – I’m not a big fan of spiders. No, I’m not terrified of them. But I would be lying if I said they didn’t freak me out just a tad bit.

And I would be willing to bet that I’m in the majority when it comes to how folks feel about spiders.

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On the flip side of that, I know people who aren’t bothered by them in the least bit. I have a friend that will pick up a harmless grass spider and play with it in a heartbeat.

So, if you’re among those who aren’t freaked out by those little eight-legged things, you’ll probably be glad to know that the annual Texas tarantula migration is underway, according to My San Antonio. This means thousands of tarantulas are wandering around the trails and grasslands of the Lone Star State.

Of course, you’re wondering why so many tarantulas are roaming about these days. The answer probably won’t surprise you.

You see, tarantulas aren’t really all that different from humans, in a sense – especially males.

When it comes to men, there’s nothing that motivates us quite like sex. Say what you want about money and power, but those are merely means to have more and better sex.

And that’s why all of these tarantulas are running around here. They’re looking to hook up. Yep – it’s officially tarantula baby-making season in Texas.

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