The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is moving into a new place. Let's take a peek inside his old place and see how Tony Romo lives. MTV Cribs, Cowboys quarterback edition. 

Tony Romo is moving into a new place at the Bent Tree Country Club in North Dallas. He also needs to sell off his old place in Irving. Since it hit the market, we can take a look inside. It's a very elegant house and someone got a great decorator.

Romo's 5,551 square-foot, 6 bed, 6 bath mansion sits on a third of an acre in the gated community of Cottonwood. The asking price right now is just over $1 million with an estimated mortgage of a measly $3,872/mo.

The realtor says the best part of this house is the backyard. It's quite spacious and made for entertaining. Plus a pool, with an in-ground hot tub.

My only question is in the one photo of what appears to be a nursery. The one with orange and white curtains on the wall. Is that a clear plastic crib? Did Tony Romo breed the next Magneto? Seriously, that looks like Magneto's prison.