I really like Taco Bell. When I go there I get the number 6, which is two beef and baja chalupas, along with a crunchy taco. I like my number 6 for lunch. I like my number 6 for dinner. I also like my number 6 at 2am after having a drink with friends. From time to time, the price of my meal is raised. It happens. Such is life.

The same is true of promotional items. When something is priced at a promotional price, it is, of course, a promotion. Meaning that the price listed won't last forever. Some people, naturally, don't seem to understand that.

Such is the case of a San Antonio man who was arrested this week after his visit to Taco Bell. The man really wanted some Beefy Crunch Burritos, but the promotional price had gone away and they were now 50 cents higher in cost. Enraged by this news, the man shot a BB gun at the manager through the drive-thru window, then proceeded to wave a pistol and assault rifle in the parking lot.

Oh, it gets better.

As the restaurant's employees and customers hit the floor, the manager called police, and when officers arrived, the angry patron fired several shots at the police cars, Benavides said.

The man then barricaded himself inside a nearby motel room, sparking a standoff that lasted until police lobbed tear gas inside and the man surrendered.

Yes, folks. A standoff. Over some Beefy Crunch Burritos. Burritos which he never got. And now he's in jail.

When I told my husband this, he stated that some people need to be in jail. This is one of them. I agree.

What do you order at Taco Bell?

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Taco Bell

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