Listen up guitar players of Wichita Falls, I'm sure you're all pretty good at rocking out but there is one thing that separates you from greatness, Master Guitar classes with Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates! Now you may be thinking that you'll never be able to afford classes like that, and that's okay because Gates is going to be picking ten guitarists from across the country to join him in L.A. for the classes, and all you have to do is prove your worth. That's not the only prize the winners will be receiving though. The winners of the contest, sponsored by Guitar Center and Schecter Guitar Research, will fly to L.A. to take guitar classes with Gates, receive a Schecter Synyster Gates Special electric guitar, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Schecter factory and an Ernie Ball accessory prize pack.

Gates helped to come up with the idea and said, "Avenged Sevenfold has always been a band that champions musicality. I'm passionate about the art of guitar, and this master class is the perfect opportunity to help further the skills and careers of like-minded musicians."

So don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. The instructions are pretty easy. If you want to participate, just download one of seven signature Avenged Sevenfold tracks (get them HERE) and add your own original guitar performance. Then just upload your version of the song to Youtube and from there, the videos will be judged based on overall performance, authenticity, originality, technique, and style with Gates himself picking the final ten winners. And of course there a few extra details you need to be aware so be sure to check out the full set of rules. The contest will open on July 15 and end on September 15.

In the meantime, A7X will be getting ready for the release of their sixth studio album, Hail to the King, which will be available August 27.