No matter how mad you are, you can’t go around punching people. And the guy in the below video is about to learn that the hard way.

Thanks to everyone having a video camera in their pocket and the rise in popularity of dash cams, there’s no shortage of road rage videos out there these days. This one is among the tamest that I’ve seen.

The two cars have a minor collision when the guy who threw the punch cut in front of CBS Austin meteorologist Avery Tomasco while merging into his lane. Just like the folks commenting on the video on Reddit, we can debate who is at fault at this point all day long. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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Anyway, Tomasco then follows the guy to a strip mall parking lot. Everything looks pretty chill at that point.

But, according to Tomasco, the guy came up on him cursing, saying that he hit his car. Tomasco responded with, “No, you hit my car.”

That’s when the other guy took a swing at him.

I do have to admit, Tomasco has some pretty good reflexes. Because he would have taken that punch square on the chin if hadn’t turned his head as the punch was coming.

Regardless of the fact the aggressor didn’t land the punch squarely, he’s still going to spend a little time in jail thanks to a warrant being issued for his arrest. Not to mention the fact that his wallet is going to be a little lighter here in the near future.

Hope it was worth it.

Texas meteorologist gets road rage sucker punched on dash cam
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