Football season is right around the corner. Baseball season is heating up. Before we know it basketball and hockey will be starting up once again. Where do you go to watch the big games in Wichita Falls?

For this list we are going to start with number five and work our way to the top. Also this list is only for family friendly establishments, so if you have to be 21 to enter you got cut. Feel free to check out my top five bars in Wichita Falls though.

  • Stone Oven Pizza/ Facebook
    Stone Oven Pizza/ Facebook

    Stone Oven Gourmet Pizza(Formerly the Spot)

    Now I have to admit, I have not been to the new Stone Oven Pizza. However, I used to eat here when it was The Spot and I would be lying to myself not including that on the list. Why do they make the list? B.Y.O.B., which Gourmet Pizza still does. Hell yeah, something we can always stand behind here at the Buzz. I remember watching countless games eating pizza with a case of beer while I was in college. I watched the Cowboys versus Saints game there when the Cowboys broke their undefeated record. Good times, not so much for my liver that night. Stone Oven Gourmet Pizza is located at 3002 Midwestern Pkwy.

  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop/Facebook
    Fuzzy's Taco Shop/Facebook

    Fuzzy's Taco Shop

    I think I have eaten everything on this menu at least once. Yes, even the salads. I love their hot sauce here and I think they put something in it to make me want to come back. This is the PERFECT place to go for some breakfast before the noon games start on Sunday. They have excellent migas, great selection of beers on tap, including Zigenbock(My favorite). Great burritos and tacos as well. If you're feeling really hungry, try the Mother Fuzzard burrito. I finished it, but I don't know if you could. Fuzzys Taco Shop is located at 2611 Plaza Parkway


  • Buffalo Wild Wings/Facebook
    Buffalo Wild Wings/Facebook

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Their slogan says enough. Wings. Beer. Sports. Damn right you have my attention. I had never actually heard of Buffalo Wild Wings until I went to college at MSU. I spent many nights there when they had cheap wing nights along with good draft prices. I got to admit I only get the boneless wings when I go here. Mainly because all of their sauces are amazing. I have finished the Blazin wings before and I still get them every once in awhile. I do have one complaint on the Buffalo Wild wings in Wichita Falls though. For a place that claims to have all the sports packages they don't have the one for the NHL. Come on man, can't show my Dallas Stars any love? Buffalo Wild Wings is located 3111 Midwestern Parkway.

  • New Parkway Grill/Facebook
    New Parkway Grill/Facebook

    Parkway Grill-New Parkway

    The place I spend way too much time and money at, but its all good, I always have a great time when I am here. Big beers, great food and EVERY professional sports package. It's hard to find a place in town that would play the Orioles, Mavericks and Stars game for me. I can assure you I am going to parkway before or after the Cowboys game. If you're going to be at Parkway awhile watching the game, I recommend the beef fajitas. A lot of food that will absorb that ginormous beer. Also at the "New" Parkway they have a more wide selection of beers on tap. New Parkway Grill is located at 2710 Central Freeway


  • Parkway Grill/Facebook
    Parkway Grill/Facebook

    Parkway Grill-Original Parkway

    Wait a minute did I really just put the same restaurant on the list back to back. Yes I did, but not really. Don't get me wrong I love the new Parkway Grill. Something about the old one just has a nice home feeling to it, if that makes any sense at all. If I am actually going to sit and watch a full professional game in Wichita Falls it is going to be at the Original Parkway Grill. Now if only I could get them to bring back the beer of the month, I really miss that. Also this location I think has the best server staff in town and know what they're doing. Original Parkway Grill is located at 2719 Southwest Parkway.

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