I was in Austin this past weekend and I had to stop at one restaurant for sure. Could I compete with Adam Richman from 'Man Vs. Food'?

If you're like me, you have watched the show 'Man Vs. Food' and been like, I could do that. Well I decided to put my stomach to the test with one of the 'Man Vs. Food' challenges. The 'Don Juan Taco', I would say is equivalent to three breakfast tacos on one plate. Now, at the time of the 'Man Vs. Food' taping, the record was at eight tacos. When I was there this past weekend, the record is now at nine and a half.

Back in high school I was a much bigger guy, with a much bigger stomach. I still have this ego like I can eat like I did in high school. Well, I was in for quite a surprise this weekend. I cannot even compete in this challenge. I ate two of these bad boys and was full. On a good day, I could do three, but would have been in pain the rest of the day.

The food was really good. If you're ever in the Austin area, I definitely recommend getting breakfast at this place. If you can eat more than two of the 'Don Juan Tacos' you're more of a man than me. Juan in a Million is located at 2300 East Cesar Chavez Street in downtown Austin, Texas.

Check Out the 'Man Vs. Food' Episode Below: