I can't believe it has been ten years and since we're hooking you up with Pantera during every 30 minute Buzz today. I decided to give you my top five Pantera songs of all time for today.

I will not forget where I was when I found out about this. I was playing my original Xbox and in between games, I signed onto MySpace to see what was going on. One of my friends posted a bulletin saying R.I.P. Dime. I was hoping it was one of those terrible celebrity death hoaxes, sadly it was not.

Down here in Texas you guys love your Pantera and I love when you guys call me for requests for it. Most of the time you guys say, "Just play me any Pantera song man, they're all good." Believe me trying to narrow down this list was difficult, but here are my top five. I can already tell some people will be made at songs I left out, but remember I had to narrow it down to five.

1. Cemetery Gates

This was the one I had no debate about. Cemetary Gates had to be number one for me. I don't want to know how many times I have heard this song because the number is probably astonishing. Unfortunately the music video is not the full 7 minute version that we all probably know.

2. Cowboys From Hell

Hell yeah, I am pretty sure we all love the intro to this one. God I wish the Dallas Cowboys would come out to this song, it would be amazing. They do play it when the defense is on a third down to get the crowd hyped and does it work.

3. Walk

I think this one will be the first argument from most Pantera fans. Why in the hell do I have this one so low? Sorry guys, my list, but you knew this one had to make the cut.

4. Floods

As everyone knows we're in one hell of drought here in Texoma. During the summer, people were requesting the crap out of this one trying to make it flood here. Hey, if playing Pantera gets our town some water, I am in. Sorry, no music video for this one.

5. Domination

I know I left out some of your favorites for sure. F***ing Hostile, Mouth for War, Becoming, This Love, Suicide Note, Five Minutes Alone, Goddamn Electric, I'm Broken and Hollow just to name a few. It's tough to leave out so many great songs, but this is my top five. Please feel free to tell me in the comments section below your top five.