"And that's the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!"

As a fan of the Cowboys and the attitude era of the WWF. Yeah, remember when it was still called the WWF? I am so excited that Stone Cold would love to bring an ass whooping to the rest of the NFL. We still have three Romoless games left and Stone Cold wants to help the boys out.

“I tell you what, I got some time on my hands. I could be there Sunday, playing the Philadelphia Eagles,” he told the Dallas Morning News on Thursday.

“I think I can line ’em up, throw for about 300, 400 yards. Get Witten open, get Dez working. A lot of underneath routes. Give McFadden the ball a few times. Maybe do a little end-around, fake the reverse pitchout, let me run downfield and Darren can throw me the ball. About 60 yards out, catch it in full stride and boom, spike it over the [darn] goalpost,” he said. “Y’all saw me catch all those beers all those years, [darn]-near never dropped any of them.

Obviously Stone Cold was kidding around, but hell I would take him on the Cowboys in any aspect. Linebacker, lineman, coach, or mascot. Hell yeah, mascot. Fire Rowdy and hire Stone Cold.