I learned something about Texas this weekend and I can't believe you people do this.

Ahhhhh precious childhood memories of going on a field trip in school. On the way to wherever you were going you would do the classic things to pass the time. Sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, play I Spy, try to get a trucker to honk their horn. Another game we would play is PUNCH BUGGY.

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In case you don't know this game, whenever you see a Volkswagen Beetle driving down the street, you say Punch Buggy and then the color. You would follow it up  with no punch back. If it was one of your good friends, you would really wail on their arm. So I learned this weekend in Texas you guys don't play Punch Buggy, you play Slug Bug?


Texas, I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in all of you. Yes, I did not grow up here and I'm fully aware things are different throughout the country. I will be damned if you try to change my childhood like this. I found out about this over the weekend when I took a girl on a date. We were sitting at Southwest Parkway and Kemp, a Beetle drove by and she said 'Slug Bug white!'


I was legitimately confused. "What the f***did you just say?" I told her. She said you've never heard of Slug Bug? I told her it's Punch Buggy and a fun argument ensued. Nothing serious but I legitimately couldn't believe what I was hearing. Slug Bug? Get the hell out of here. So I asked people on Facebook and I couldn't believe it. Literally every Texan said it's Slug Bug, while all my friends in Maryland said it's Punch Buggy.


So I guess I will create a poll and see what you guys think (even though I probably know the answer). Let me know what you think below.

Also the person I am having this argument with has a certain favorite movie, 'Lilo and Stich'. Wouldn't you happen to know what that little alien says in the movie? I will take this as my victory and I am willing to die on this dumb hill.

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