Fans of hard seltzers like White Claw will soon have another option to choose from.

KXAN is reporting that Sonic Drive-In will be rolling out a new line of hard seltzers that will arrive at select retailers in Oklahoma starting Tuesday, May 18.

Sonic is known for its more than 1,063,953 drink combinations, so as you might expect, there will be several flavors to choose from.

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Customers can choose from two variety 12-packs: tropical and citrus.

The tropical variety pack will feature the classic Ocean Water flavor as well as Orange Pineapple, Mango Guava, and Melon Medley. The citrus variety pack will contain other staples of the Sonic drink menu: Cherry Limeade, Classic Lemonade, Lemon Berry, and Original Limeade.

12-packs of Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water 12-packs will also be available for purchase.

The hard seltzers won’t be sold at Sonic restaurants. Instead, look for the seltzers at the following Oklahoma retailers:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Whole Foods
  • Casey’s
  • Homeland
  • OnCue
  • Reasor’s
  • Sprout’s

The hard seltzers are expected to arrive in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Missouri in August.

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