Fast food workers deal with enough crap on a daily basis, now they're getting punched in the stomach.

Attention folks going out to eat, many places are still short staffed. So if you have to wait longer to get your food, please try to remain patient. I get you're hungry and want food now, but do not take it out on the workers. It looks like one woman could not contain her rage.


On Friday night, Stacy Minihan went to a Sonic in Tulsa to get some food. Stacy was apparently frustrated with how long her order was taking. When the carhop tried to explain how short staffed they were, Stacy allegedly smacked the tray out of her hand and then punched her in the stomach. Stacy then tried to flee the scene.


A witness followed Stacy after witnessing the assault. The witness followed Stacy until she pulled over and pulled out a pepper ball gun. Stacy allegedly fired several shots at the wittiness who was hit in the head by the pepper balls. Police arrested Stacy just up the road from the Sonic.


They found the pepper ball gun along with some other goodies in her vehicle. Stacy had 30 grams of methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia. She was taken into the Tulsa County Jail for booking and officially charged. I was not aware the Cherry Limeades, meth, and pepper ball guns made for a fun night on the town in Tulsa.

Hopefully the Sonic worker is all good because they shouldn't have to put up with people like this.

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