Skillet this week earned three new platinum and gold sales certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Two of the awards update previously certified Skillet songs, giving the John Cooper-led Christian rock band another multi-platinum record and another singularly platinum one.

The newly platinum Skillet singles are "Awake and Alive," freshly certified double-platinum on Tuesday (May 10) for achieving 2 million in sales in the United States. The 2010 cut from the prior year's Awake, Skillet's seventh studio album, was certified platinum (1 million in sales) in 2015 and gold (500,000 in sales) in 2011.

The next one is "Comatose," the title track from Skillet's 2006 effort, the group's fifth album. It was certified platinum on Tuesday for the first time, after it first hit gold in 2017.

The third and final RIAA certification that Skillet achieved this week was for "The Last Night," another Comatose single. It got a gold record for the first time on Tuesday (May 10).

The band just keeps racking up sales awards. Only six months ago, two other Skillet singles reached quadruple-platinum ("Monster") and triple-platinum ("Hero") status, respectively.

Earlier this year, Skillet issued their 11th album, Dominion. The band will tour throughout the summer. Singer and bassist Cooper, who often boldly shares his faith, explained to Loudwire Nights in January why God would allow the COVID-19 pandemic to happen. He added that if he does get the virus, it's for God's Glory.

See the list of all of Skillet's certifications on the RIAA website.

Skillet, "Awake and Alive"

Skillet, "Comatose"

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