***This story was updated on 12/14/2022 to reflect that the charges were dropped.

A couple of siblings were allegedly trying to steal a television out of a Springfield, Mass. bar last weekend, but they didn't fess up to that crime. Instead, they claimed they weren't stealing, they were having sex.

[NAMES REMOVED] both entered the bathroom and were “ripping the television off the wall” when employees locked them in the room and called authorities.

That's when the [NAME REMOVED] siblings used an excuse that probably nobody would have expected, saying they were simply getting it on.

Cops noted that a television had indeed been ripped out of the wall, and the pair were charged with larceny. To make matters worse, [NAME REMOVED] assaulted one of the arresting officers.

In Massachusetts, incest can carry a 20-year prison sentence, so they might want to change their story.

[Huffington Post]

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