It must be pervert season.

How else can you explain this fella in Texas who was arrested after he was spotted having sex with a fence? We'd say it's an isolated WTF moment, but it comes around the same time word broke about a postal carrier who was busted doing the nasty with a dog.

Sex with a fence is almost too ridiculous to even comprehend, isn't it? We've all been desperate, but who's ever been this hard up? While we can debate what must have been going on in this guy's head, we'd rather take the time to laugh about it with these absurdly lame jokes:

  • It was a chain link fence, but it sounds like there was some wood in it.
  • When it comes to a plea deal or fighting it in court, he's still on the fence. With his pants around his ankles.
  • He was caught by a sting operation. The cop was wearing a barbed wire.
  • He needs a good lawyer, but they can be pretty ex-fence-ive.
  • No American is more excited by the possibility Donald Trump's wall may actually be a fence.
  • It should've been a PVC fence because he was trying to lay some pipe.
  • He'll be ordered to remain at least 100 yards away from any Little League field.
  • Man, was this guy disappointed when he realized "Fences" was not a porno.
  • He's hoping for leniency from the judge since it was a first o-fence.
  • When this guy says he fantasizes about having a white picket fence, you have to really think about what he means.
  • He's going to have a tough time in jail. Does he hop the fence to escape or try to get to third base?

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