Folks in parts of North Texas need to keep an eye on the sky today. 

While spring and early summer are more closely associated with severe weather, it feels like the threat of thunderstorms and tornadoes is year-round in this neck of the woods. And my experience is that storms that occur this time of year pack an especially mean punch.

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Keep in mind this is coming from a Rock Radio DJ and not a meteorologist, but everyone who grew up in Tornado Alley knows a little something about severe weather. And many of us are terrified by it. 

Even though I did witness the tornado that tore through Vernon, Texas on April 10, 1979 (aka Terrible Tuesday), I don’t fall into the category of those who are terrified by it. But I do get a tad bit anxious when the sky starts to darken in the middle of the afternoon. 

Anyway, about this afternoon. While it’s not a “Weather Alert Day,” according to CBS News, parts of North Texas east of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex could see some severe weather this afternoon. 

Any storms that develop could produce gusty winds and hail, but the threat of tornadoes is further east toward the Arkansas and Louisiana state lines. The threat of tornadoes is especially high in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi today. 

So, if you have any friends or family in the aforementioned states or East Texas, maybe reach out to them and make sure they’re aware of the situation.

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