Eagles fans and Cowboys fans fighting? We all know that's never happened before. 

Sunday night was another installment in one of the greatest rivalries in the NFL, Eagles versus Cowboys. Being the Cowboys, it was of course another close game that went down to the wire, actually going into overtime. Sadly the Eagles came out the victor, continuing the Cowboys losing streak without Tony Romo.

With it being a NFC East division game, fans get a little heated in the stands. Also being a prime time game, with more time to drink during the day, some fans take the trash talking a little too far. With it being an Eagles fan, I am just assuming he was talking a lot of s***. Well someone caught the aftermath of the fight on their cell phone. Several cops had to come restrain these two and the Eagles fan was bleeding all over the place.

I was actually at the game this past Sunday and I have been to a couple of Eagles/Cowboys games in Texas. I thought Sunday night was honestly not that aggressive fan wise. Maybe it was just the section I was in, but I have seen that stadium a lot worse before. Before you start judging this game as not being safe, I can assure you Philadelphia is one hundred times worse.

I have actually been to a Cowboys game in Philadelphia, wearing all of my Cowboys stuff. I can say for a fact, all those rumors about Eagles fans being assh***s are true. I met two people during the entire game that weren't a total d***. One of them was the guy sitting right next to me who said, "not a lot of people can handle this crap without flipping out, you're cool man." Then he bought me a beer. True story, an Eagles fan bought a Cowboys fan a beer. World peace is possible people.