This past weekend was a bad one to be driving under I-35 in Austin. This has now happened in Austin seventy times since 2014. 

Some pretty serious injuries were reported in Austin this past weekend and it has become an epidemic of sorts. Apparently people are throwing rocks or some objects off I-35. They're hitting people and vehicles below. This past weekend was a particularly bad one.

On Saturday night, two different men were transported to the hospital after being hit by rocks off the highway. Sunday night, a vehicle's windshield was struck. This caused the glass to break and get into the driver's eyes. Another case of a man being struck by a rock was reported a hour later.

Below is a map of all the rock throwing incidents in the Austin area. I am sure it's some kids thinking they're joking around, but someone could get seriously hurt from this. Looks like some cameras need to be put up on this stretch of highway.

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