Everyone wants to do something memorable when they get their diploma, no one in his class will ever forget this.

It is great feeling finally getting that diploma after you graduate high school. Everyone wants to do something cool, but most of us chicken out. You could attempt to do a back flip when you get that diploma or start a brawl like my hometown did after graduation. Well this kid decided to just wear underwear under his gown and rip that bad boy off when he got that diploma.

Here is the sad part of the story, this senior has now gotten his diploma taken away from him. Frank Till, superintendent of the Cumberland County School District, said Thursday that Murphy wouldn't get to keep his diploma, NBC station WNCN of Raleigh reported. With five more graduation ceremonies scheduled in the district, Till warned that any similar pranks would mean "long-term consequences."

Let the kid get his diploma man. You will never see this kid probably ever again. I graduated seven years ago and have not been back to my high school once. I seriously have no plans to ever go back. So just let this kid move on with his life and get his diploma.

Check Out the Senior Strip Down at Graduation Below: