Strippers just want me for my money? No, don't you lie to me like that.

The strip club is a nice place to go to every once in awhile, but I would never want to be known as the strip club guy. Everyone knows who I am talking about, the regular. The guy that no matter what time you go into the strip club he is there. Well I guess these guys were getting a little too comfortable at the strip club they were attending. Apparently five guys have been scammed out of what amounts to $200,000.

An undercover investigation that found that the women joined in a scheme to rip off the men by drugging them with the stimulant methylone, commonly known as "molly," and the tranquilizer ketamine after arranging to meet them at upscale bars in New York and Long Island, authorities said. The impaired victims were driven to Scores in Manhattan and the RoadHouse in Queens, where they were charged for private rooms, expensive meals, drinks and other services, according to reports.

So remember kids be careful when you go to the strip club. Those girls are there for one reason - to make money. They will do anything to make that tab go up as much as possible.