This is seriously beyond messed up, what the hell Seattle?

Going to a sporting event and drinking a beer is amazing. The thing that sucks, the price of beer is usually doubled at sporting events. I have already put the Seattle Seahawks on blast for two things already. One for having some of the most expensive beer at any NFL stadium. Then selling a 'larger' beer that is actually the same size as a regular. You would think with the Seahawks doing this, they would try to prevent anything else from putting them in the negative light when it come to serving beer at games, right?

Well a local news team collected some beer that is served during all Seahawks games. They found that the beer that's sold at CenturyLink Field has 0.2 to 0.6 percent less alcohol by volume than it should have in it. The alcohol levels were actually so low that, if the Seahawks are serving watered-down beer, they could be breaking federal laws. Anheuser-Busch responded to the KOMO News report by running a series of tests on the beer served at CenturyLink Field—they own five of the six beers that KOMO News tested—and reported that they found "no irregularities."

That means that someone at the Seahawks is watering down the beer. Seriously, what the f***. That is the only response I have. You already have one of the most expensive beer in the NFL. You are already probably getting a discount from the distributor for buying in such large quantities. Then you have the audacity to water it down? I hope the stiffest penalty comes down on them for breaking that federal law.

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