If you want to try something new in town tomorrow, head on over to the old Pioneer location on Southwest Parkway.

A lot has happened to this location in the past month. Tomorrow is the one month anniversary of us finding out that the Pioneer on Southwest Parkway was shutting down, which is not the end of the world since we have other locations in town. However, I could see if that was your favorite you may be a little upset.

The day after Pioneer shut down, we found out a new restaurant would be opening up there, Sam's Southern Eatery. Sam's already has a nearby location in Lawton.

Sam's Southern Eatery wichita falls
Sam's Southern Eatery

Sam's Southern Eatery specializes in seafood - shrimp and catfish, but they also have burgers, Po' Boys and chicken. You can check out their full menu before you head out there tomorrow.

Sam's Southern Eatery told us they will be opening up at noon this Thursday (October 26). We will have to go try it for ourselves and see how the newest restaurant in Wichita Falls tastes.

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