To commemorate National Tattoo Day 2021 on July 17, we asked the artist manager, podcast host, Lido Beach singer and frequent Loudwire contributor Scott Waldman to identify the rock and metal musicians that he thinks have the most awesome tattoos.

As he often does, Waldman initiated the discussion with a friend and business partner, this time Fake Figures bassist and music publicist Bob Bradley. As he also often does, he jotted down bits of their conversation and sent them to us to decode and subsequently share with Loudwire readers.

Waldmann's remarks may get more nonsensical every time, but at least he has a buddy there to keep him somewhat grounded. Below, see the two's list of 10 rockers they think have the coolest tattoos.

10 Rockers With Amazing Tattoos

"Fake Figures bassist Bob Bradley has a bunch of cool tattoos and shit. I do not, but I have a lot of unwanted body hair and piss. Bob and I have been homies for almost two decades, and I am honored to manage his shit-piss band Fake Figures (featuring members of Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow, and Hotwire). And, I gots to say, that man knows a lot about ink and shit. Here are mine and Bob's 10 favorite rockers with amazing tattoos." —Scott Waldman

Rock + Metal Musicians Who Are Also Tattoo Artists

It's no secret that rock and metal tend to go hand-in-hand with tattoos. But not all ink-obsessed rockers are content to stay on the receiving end of the needle; many become tattoo artists themselves. Here are just some of the rock and metal musicians who double as tattoo artists.

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