Mavericks fans on their way to the game will now be driving down Nowitzki Way.

I truly believe if you were making a Mount Rushmore for Dallas sports icons, Dirk Nowitzki would have to make the cut. The greatest player in Dallas Mavericks history, the greatest foreign-born player of all time and one of the greatest shooters to go along with that. Dirk Nowitzki officially called it a career last season and he will be forever missed. Gonna be kind of sad not seeing 41 on the court next month.

I don't think anyone from this generation will ever forget Dirk Nowitzki, but his name will live on in front of American Airlines Center. The road formally known as Olive Street will now be named Nowitzki Way. The city council made it a unanimous decision with a 15-0 vote to change the street name. "He is one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, a real humanitarian and a great citizen," said Mayor Eric Johnson. "I am honored my first major street renaming will be for him."

The next thing they need to do, put up a statue of Dirk outside of the American Airlines center on Victory Plaza. Also, while I'm at it. Mike Modano also needs a statue out there.

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