I am sure most people were aware of the Boomstick hot dog at the ballpark. No one told me about the two foot long quesadilla.

Now as some people know the food at the ballpark is named after the Texas Rangers players. The quesadilla is no different, this bad boy is called "The Murph-a-dilla". Named after Texas Rangers outfielder David Murphy. Now you would think between myself and three friends eating beforehand we would not be hungry for a two foot quesadilla. Well once you start drinking some Zigenbock everything sounds like a good idea.

First they put down a layer of Doritos to support the quesadilla. Next a two foot long flat bread which gets covered with a thick layer of cheese. They finish it off with beef brisket, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos. It comes in a box with handles because no other box is worthy to carry the murph-a-dilla.  It did cost 26 dollars, but my roommate was not leaving the ballpark without one.

In the end it was delicious, but my goodness I hope I was not on Fox Sports being filmed eating it.

Check Out The Murph-A-Dilla Below:



The Aftermath