As Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe remains in Czech jail for controversial manslaughter charges, the singer’s wife, Cindy, made a trip to the Czech Republic to visit her imprisoned husband.

The arrest and detainment of Randy Blythe has left fans up in arms. As more and more evidence is released, many metal fans worldwide are confident that Blythe is innocent, as is his wife. Cindy Blythe visited Randy for two hours on Wednesday, July 11, and took the opportunity to proclaim her husband’s innocence to the Czech press.

“It was really good to see him,” Cindy Blythe told Czech reporters. “I miss him very much and I really hope I get to see him soon, and that we’ll be together again soon. So this was a special day, getting to see him.”

Cindy Blythe continued, “I think it’s terrible what happened — that the kid lost his life and his family lost him — but I believe [Randy] is innocent. That’s what I believe.”

It is still very unclear as to when or if Randy Blythe’s posted bail will be recognized, as the State Attorney’s Office filed a complaint against Blythe’s bail release on June 6. The Prague District Court has since passed the decision on to the City Court, who will either approve or annul the bail.

The City Court may take days or even weeks to decide on Blythe’s bail, with the trial itself potentially taking up to six months according to Czech legal experts.

Lamb of God are currently accepting donations for Randy Blythe’s legal fund via their Facebook page.