Stop sharing crap from random people on Facebook!

Every few weeks we have one of these stories that people share on Facebook that have no credibility whatsoever. This one is a photo of a Facebook post with no name given, already sketchy to begin with. I saw no less than ten of my friends post this. They claim that human traffickers are putting zip ties on vehicles at the Post Oak Mall, which is located in College Station, Texas.

The person who posted this claims local law enforcement told them about this. This post has gone so viral with several calls to the local police department that they have actually had to release a statement. They have no, need to stress this, NO REPORTS OF THIS HAPPENING! They also said another city had a story like this go viral and they also had to release a statement saying it was fake.


I'm not saying human trafficking does not happen and this is a possible tactic that someone could use. What I am saying is, this could potentially ruin a business. Imagine if someone said (Insert Wichita Falls Business) has human trafficking in their parking lot and that story is completely false like this one. It could ruin them. Stop sharing fake news! Just because your friend shared something on Facebook, it does not make it real.

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