Looks like our city has been shown some love over the years.

Decided to see how many time Wichita Falls has shown up in songs throughout the years and I got more results than I expected. Some people have Wichita Falls as a song, some as an album name, others just mention our city in a lyric. Time to test your music knowledge and see if you know them all.

If I missed anybody, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to add them.

  • 1

    American Aquarium | Wichita Falls

  • 2

    Miranda Lambert-Wichita Falls

  • 3

    Pat Metheny- As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

  • 4

    Houston Marchman-Wichita Falls

  • 5

    Buddy Jewell-Wichita Falls Woman

  • 6

    George Hamilton IV - Fort Worth, Dallas Or Houston

    "In Wichita Falls or Waco or San Angelo. She waits for me I know"

  • 7

    Joe Ely - All Just To Get To You

    "I have run from St. Paul to Wichita Falls. Called you from Sunny Baton Rouge"

  • 8

    Guy Clark-Tornado Time in Texas

    "Suck red river just as dry as a bone. Dump it on Wichita Falls. Tornado time in Texas.Take the paint right off of your barn"

  • 9

    Shooter Jennings - Busted In Baylor County

    "But I've got a few autographs for you to sign. And they sprang us out right quick, so we could get up on the stick.To Wichita Falls by show time.To tell 'em...We were busted"