If you watch a lot of movies you'll see a recurring theme that the police and fire departments hate each other. Maybe it's is all true.

A member of the California Highway Patrol arrested a firefighter from the Chula Vista Fire Department Wednesday night for not moving his truck when the officer asked him to. Well the firefighter was there helping an accident victim and the truck was blocking the lane for safety. After another attempt to get the firefighter to move his truck with no response the officer arrested him.

Yesterday both departments released this joint statement:

"Last night there was an unfortunate incident at the scene of a traffic collision on I-805, where both our agencies had responded. Both the CHP and the Chula Vista Fire Department share a common goal of protecting the public and providing the highest level of safety to responding emergency personnel, involved parties and other drivers at collision scenes.

Both of our agencies have the utmost respect for each other and our respective missions. This was an isolated incident and not representative of the manner in which our agencies normally work together toward our common goal.

This morning representatives from both agencies met to discuss the incident to improve communication and ensure the highest level of service is provided to the public. This incident will be a topic of future joint training sessions, in an ongoing effort to work more efficiently together."

In my opinion the officer is in the wrong in this situation. The firefighter is there helping the accident victims and the truck is blocking the lane for everyone's safety. If you were to move that truck another accident could possibly happen and nobody wants that. I think the highway patrol man needs a suspension for a few days.

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