The National Honor Society should be...well an honor. However, students at Plano High School were not allowed to show off their accomplishments. 

Being in the National Honor Society is not an easy thing. You have to maintain a certain G.P.A., do several volunteer hours and also be a great leader. One thing students look forward to is walking down the graduation aisle with their National Honor Society sash. It's something a student should be proud of and they have worked hard to earn.

Well at Plano High School, they don't want you showing off your hard work. One student,Garrett Frederick, had to learn this the hard way.  "I was really looking forward to wearing it and being able to say I was a part of it, because I have friends that go to [Plano East High School] and [Plano West High School], and they're all wearing it," he said. "So it's like, I don't know why we're not allowed to wear it. I don't get it."

According to a letter from the principal, "graduates do not wear any club or organizational regalia." This is not like someone wearing their football varsity jacket to graduation. This is a sash that is meant to be worn at graduation. A National Honor Society sponsor claimed school administrators want everyone to feel included in graduation and not single students out.

I hope that is just a rumor and not the truth. I can't believe we're going to punish someone for doing good in school. Let the kid be proud of what he accomplished in school. He should be allowed to wear this sash to graduation. Hell, when is he going to get another opportunity to?