Don't you dare remove Larry Oklahoma!

You may have seen a video a few weeks ago of the Moore Police Department having to capture a pig. Cops having to catch a pig? The easy jokes right themselves here.

Looks like the pig was able to get out of the fenced in yard that morning and no one was hurt in the process. The story does not end here, apparently Larry has to go. Steffany Jones is owner of Larry the pig after he was gifted to her as a wedding present from her husband. Well looks like Mrs. Jones was given a warning by the city of Moore that she has fourteen days to find Larry a new home.


Apparently Mr. Larry has exceeded the size limits for a pet pig in Moore, Oklahoma. Hey Larry, it's a new year, time to hit the gym like all of us. However, Steffany says the weight he needs to lose can't be done in two weeks. Jones says when she got Larry in 2014, the only requirements were that he have vet paperwork stating that he’s a miniature potbelly and have official certification. She says she obtained and provided both and stayed in touch with animal control over the years.

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Looks like tonight Steffany and her neighbors are going to the Moore City Council meeting to see if Larry can get an exception to stay. Apparently none of her neighbors have an issue with Larry and thousands more people online want Larry to stay. If you would like to add your signature to the petition, you can do so here.

We will see what happens tonight in Moore, hopefully Larry the pig gets to stay.

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