Governor Abbott isn't messing around when it comes to travel into our state.

Several cities are becoming hot spots for the coronavirus as this spreads throughout the country. One of those being New Orleans, Louisiana. Louisiana has surpassed 2,700 infections, with 119 residents dead from COVID-19. Many residents are trying to flee the area and go somewhere else.

Florida and Texas are forcing people coming from Louisiana to self quarantine. Just a few days ago, airline passengers coming in from New Orleans into Texas are being asked to comply with a two-week quarantine. People driving into the state are also being told to self quarantine. NBC 5 says they did not see any troopers at the border stopping cars, but electronic signs are positioned at the highway telling people to self quarantine.

Governor Abbott also said airline passengers arriving from Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago or anywhere from California or Washington state must also quarantine for 14 days, or risk jail time if they don’t comply. “Our job is to make sure that we're looking one, two, three, four weeks ahead, and make sure that Texas is going to be prepared to meet the needs of your communities if COVID-19 continues to increase,” Abbott said.

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