Many people, this writer included, remember seeing a genie movie in the 90s starring comedian Sinbad called 'Shazaam'. However, no such movie exists.

Sinbad himself has discussed the confusion for years, saying that he doesn't remember ever appearing in a movie about a genie, but he's constantly told by fans that they remember seeing it. Many Reddit users swear they saw the movie, while others, and I'm one of them, remember seeing the VHS case on the shelf at Blockbuster Video. Yahoo reports that one Reddit user has even offered a $1,000 reward for a copy of film to prove its existence. While a VHS version of a film is hard to come by today, no one has even been able to locate a single piece of promotional material for the film. No posters, promotional pictures, trailers... nothing.

So if the film doesn't exist, why do so many people remember it? The believable explanation is that we are all remembering similar films and replacing the lead with Sinbad, who was at the peak of his popularity in the 90s. Another interesting possibility is the "Mandela Effect", proposing that time travel is possible and we are currently living in an alternate reality due to a time travel event changing the course of our timeline. Under this theory, many of us remember the movie 'Shazaam' because it actually was made, but some time travel event caused ripples in time that changed certain things, such as the existence of the movie.

Another popular event that people credit to the Mandela Effect is the name of a book series about a family of bears. Many swear that the books they read as a child were the Berenstein Bears, and even pronounce it as such. However, when looking back at old books in storage, people are in disbelief to find that the family was actually the Berenstain Bears, preferring to believe reality has been altered rather than a simple wrong memory.


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