With the yearly feast in two days, we're taking a look at 12 more things you may not know about Thanksgiving movies.

Unlike our similar Christmas movie trivia posts, there's not much of a chance for more posts after this with Thanksgiving movies being few and far between. Like the previous entry, we're including movies here that either take place on Thanksgiving, or include some facet of the holiday in the plot.

Here are another 12 things you may not know about Thanksgiving movies.

  • 'Son In Law'

    • Carla Gugino has the butterfly tattoo featured in her character’s transformation, so it was written into the script.
    • Ashley Judd was considered for the role of Rebecca.
    Buena Vista Pictures
  • 'Dutch'

    • The failure of the film became a recurring joke in ‘Married… with Children’, with it being the featured film on the Bundys’ flight to London, and a free movie no one wants at their local video store.
    • Before Ed O’Neill was cast as the title character, John Candy, Tim Allen, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Jim Belushi, Robin Williams, John Goodman, and Bill Murray were all considered for the role.
    20th Century Fox
  • 'Rocky II'

    • Stallone wrote the novelization of the film, writing scenes with Rocky from first-person perspective in Rocky’s speaking style, while scenes without Rocky are in usual third-person and in correct English.
    • If Rocky took the actual route shown in his iconic jog to the Art Museum, he would have run over 30 miles.
    United Artists
  • 'Grumpy Old Men'

    • Walter Matthau was hospitalized after the completion of the movie with double pneumonia.
    • The film was originally intended to star Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, but the pair had to decline due to Martin’s failing health.
    Warner Bros
  • 'Prisoners'

    • The film was originally given a NC-17 rating due to graphic torture scenes and suggested pedophilia.
    • After filming, all costumes and props were donated to a local thrift shop.
    Warner Bros.
  • 'The War at Home'

    • The lack of distribution and financial disappointment of the film led director and star Emilio Estevez to consider quitting the movie industry.
    • Set in Wichita Falls, but filmed in Austin and Taylor, TX.
    Buena Vista