I had no earthly idea that underground foot racing is a thing.

Then again, I’m not much of a gambler and would lose a foot race with a statue, so it’s really no surprise that it’s not on my radar.

I became hip to underground foot racing after Dallas Texas TV tweeted a video of a $2,000 foot race that had been set up in Dallas recently.

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And now the actual race:

So, I decided to do some googling and what do you know, there’s actually a website dedicated to it and a whole bunch of foot racing YouTube videos, including this one in which Underground Foot Racing (UFR) CEO Jonell Hunter gives us the background on the sport:

Wow, can you imagine the pressure of running a race with $4,000 on the line? No thank you. I can see how things could quickly get heated at those races with that kind of money involved.

If you’re much faster than I am and think you’ve got what it takes to win some big money with those legs of yours, there’s currently a race scheduled in Austin on Thursday, November 18. Get signed up at this location.

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