Let's hope this guy's kid inherits his sense of humor.

Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen recently took some photos to announce their engagement and that they're expecting a baby. Krieg has been paralyzed from the neck down following an accident in 2014 that ended his motorcross career, so he decided to poke some fun at his sexual abilities with one shot in particular that made its way to Reddit and quickly caught fire.

You have to give Krieg loads of credit for not only not shying away from a life-changing tragedy, but embracing it and making himself the butt of his own joke. Life threw him lemons and he's about to make some seriously cute lemonade.

Diesen and Krieg have entered a contest to win their dream wedding and we'd have to think they have a really good chance to win. How do you not root for this guy, who's clearly defying the odds?

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