Nobody likes a long wait time. This is not how you handle it.

Over in San Antonio, 23-year-old Ray Vasquez and 50-year-old Christina Fuentes went to a Panda Express. Apparently this location was very busy and a manger was having to run orders out to vehicles to keep the drive-thru line moving. Christina and Ray were waiting for their order in the parking lot and noticed the manger came out several times. However, the manger never came to their car.

This upset Chris and he confronted the manager and he wanted his food. Manager said it would be out in a minute and this is when Chris lost it. He went back to his vehicle and allegedly grabbed a gun. That is when the manger went back inside and Chris went inside as well, even though the lobby was closed to the public.

Chris then grabbed several bags off of the counter, even food that wasn't his. He then allegedly told the manger 'not to mess with me.' A witness was able to get the license plate of the vehicle and cops arrested them later. They were both arrested for aggravated robbery on Sunday.

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