This is now the fifth package bomb in eighteen days in that area.

Austin has been on high alert the past few weeks with package bombs. The FBI and other law enforcement officials are in the area trying to figure out who this is. The first three bombs were dropped off at people's houses and detonated once opened. The fourth package bomb went off Sunday night. Police said this one was a more sophisticated device. Whoever set it up used a trip wire, once someone stepped on that, the bomb went off.

We now have a fifth package bomb detonation just south of Austin in San Antonio. Law Enforcement reports the package was headed for an Austin address. Police have been saying this person has been taking the packages to these locations themselves, this fifth package was going through FedEx. It exploded at a distribution center where 75 people were working at the time. One person was injured in the blast.

Since this is the first package bomb outside of Austin, police are trying to figure out if these are connected to the other four in Austin. "The individual or people behind the bombings are likely to be highly skilled and methodical", said Fred Burton, a chief security officer for Stratfor. He would also go onto say, "This is a race against time before they bomb again."

Police are urging citizens to call in with any tips they have in this case. They say even the smallest detail could help them in finding whoever is doing this.

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