Work on a Monday is so much sweeter when the Cowboys win.

Seriously, I can ride a high from a win til about Wednesday and then I can't wait for the next game. Remember you can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk 1290 here in Wichita Falls. I think I'm going to start showing some of these amazing photos every victory Monday from our good friends at Getty Images.

This past Sunday was not a good day to be Giants fan. Bad injuries for their starting quarterback and running back. Saquan Barkley had a freak injury where he awkwardly stepped on a Cowboys player's foot which bent Barkley's ankle the wrong way. Daniel Jones left the game with a concussion, which is one of the most clear concussions I have ever seen watching a game. No way he was coming back onto the field after that one. Also Giants wide receiver Kenny Golladay went out with a hyper-extended knee. Those all happened in the first half by the way.

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The Cowboys continue to light up the Giants with the deep ball. Zeke went down for a second with what appeared to be a back issue, but came in later to the game to high step into the end zone like our good friend Deion Sanders used to do. Trevon Diggs continues his interception streak, I think teams are just going to have to stop throwing his way. He's turning into an elite member of this defense. Especially considering last year's defense was the worst in team history, which is bad because the 1960 Dallas Cowboys team is considered one of the worst teams in NFL history.

Cowboys play the Patriots this Sunday and be sure you come out before the game for a local pregame show at Vaca Loca on Maplewood. Meals are 15% off all Sunday long if you mention us, so come out and have some fun.

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