You think you hit the jackpot of a lifetime, but the casino says she didn't win.

Up in Newcastle, Oklahoma, Maribel Sanchez is furious at the Newcastle Casino. She says on Friday morning she started gambling on the Liberty 7s slot machine. Then, she hit the jackpot. The machine then went nuts. She claims it shut off and went black. When it came back on, it says the last amount won was the jackpot $8,469,498.95.

The casino says it was a malfunction and she did not actually win that prize. “It’s crazy how they want to rely on ‘it’s a malfunction’ when somebody can easily go up there and lose all their money and ‘it’s a malfunction, give me my money back.’ It doesn’t work that way. So, why would it work that way for them? It’s pointless,” Maribel Sanchez's daughter said.

Maribel has now gotten a lawyer and they released the following statement. “We’re going to go through the process that is provided by the casino at this time. We’re going to look at all her legal options and aggressively pursue her rights. She should be paid what she won,” Bill Zuhdi said.

The Newcastle Casino has released the following statement. "The claim is currently under review. We are following our protocols and working with the claimant through this process and as such, we cannot comment on this review." In my opinion, if the machine says last win was $8,469,498.95, then she won that money. I hope she gets her money.

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